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End Of Year Quick Thoughts

So how was your Christmas? Mine was really nice but seemed to go fast…it was like 6pm before I knew it. Whew…why as we get older things just go faster? I am sure there has been a study on this weird thing but still….just drives me crazy…
So anyway…here I sit taking it easy and feeling like another year has gone by and man did it fly..I have to admit it has been an interesting year. I am glad I had the struggles I had because I do think that how we handle the downs in our life makes us better. Life is great when times are up and everything is good…but seriously..life is a roller coaster. Taking us up and down and sometimes throwing us into loops and making us feel sick but at the end of the ride we survived.
I know that this year has been one of the toughest…maybe since my dad died..but I also know that I have come out on the other side with a better understanding of what makes me tick. I know that a) I am not as bad as I thought but b) I still have a lot of work to do to be a better husband and better father.
Also my weight has at least stabilized during this Christmas season. I have not lost much but I have basically kept it to a reasonable number…now I can reload and get moving on more loss…to date the amount is 50 lbs lost since I started. I am almost under 300 and that will be the first goal of 2011. The next is to get it under 290…sounds strange I know but I have a wall at that spot since when I in Music Man last year that was where I was so…there you go…I will keep you updated…but really don’t want this to drive the bus of this blog…
So as we start the new year I pray you have a good one…I will be around to throw in my silliness and deep thoughts….OK not that deep but who knows what the year will hold. I do know I will let God lead a lot better that I have in the past and we will let it go from there. I do also know I actually like doing this blog thing even though I know I am late to the blog dance…and hopefully I will do a better job of being a bit more consistent in posting. Well…time to get groovin’…Happy New Year!

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