Playing with iMovie on iPhone

So I got a new iPhone this week. I started playing around with the iMovie app as me and some friends travel to a game in Arkansas. When wouldn’t you know it. Rusty got pulled over.

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Why Memorize?

Top of the morning to everyone…glad you made it through he weekend.
I do want to start this blog off on a bit of a sad point. A friend of mine today is rejoicing, but we his friends and family are grieving. My friend Brent died yesterday suddenly at the age of 40. Brent was a co-worker of mine in the sports freelance world and was a good, hard, and dedicated worker. His smile was infectious and he always had a positive thing to say. I know he is rejoicing today because he is in the arms of Christ. Thanks Brent for your friendship and I can’t wait till we see each other again…
Now to the title subject…I posted on Facebook and Twitter last night that I was going to work at memorizing the entire book of Philippians before Easter. I decided to do this in a spur of the moment thing after reading another blogger’s decision to do it after he read another fellow blogger’s challenge. I had a buddy ask me “on purpose?” and another friend ask “why?”. Why indeed?
I had to step back myself and ask why for me?
John Piper has some great statements why to memorize scripture. In fact his statements are a part of the book you build to help you through the next 16 weeks. Like I said those are great…but still why?
Honestly I have struggled with being in the word for a good part of my life with Christ. I have spent more time out of it than in it. However in the past few years I have spent a bit more time in it and have seen my understanding not only of my life, but more importantly my life as a servant of Christ. Do I still screw up and stumble in my walk? Every day! Am I surrounded by His Grace? Every day! How do I know that? By spending time in His word. So there is one reason for me is to spend more time in His word.
Another reason for me is that I feel like I have needed to take the step of Bible memorization. I have tried in the past and done OK…but not great. I feel like the only scripture I have memorized is John 11:35 “Jesus wept.” I know it is better than that but still I need to step it up. I always have admired the story of basketball player David Robinson. It has been said he spent a lot of time memorizing scripture so that when he signed an autograph he could add a verse address that came to his mind in hopes that the person could be inspired to read it. Don’t know if it is true but makes a good story and a good idea.
Today starts a new time at Christ Chapel where I not only work but where I have attended for the past 15 years. We started the 3rd year of reading through the scriptures. The first year we read the New Testament…last year the 1st half of the Old we started the 2nd half. So wouldn’t you know it today while reading the day 1’s reading of Psalms 111 I found another reason.
Psalms 111:10 ESV “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: all those who practice it have a good understanding. His praise endures forever!”
Now this brings up a interesting point…fear of the LORD. Do you fear the LORD? My guess is most of you say…uh no. I totally understand. This time last year I said the same the thing. I didn’t think you still needed to be in fear of the LORD. But then I went through a depression and the way out of it was understanding that I feared man way more than I feared God. In fact I have spent my whole life with the fear of what others thought of me and how I was stacking up in comparison to others. I realized that the mask I had put on my whole life of not caring what others thought of me was cracked and falling apart, and what I really should focus on is fearing what God thought of me.
Of course when I did start focusing on this fear I also realized that no matter how I messed up, no matter what I have done in the past He still loves me. So the fear that I now have is not being on the path that He wants me on…and the only way to know where He wants me is from reading His word and understanding it.
So to sum up this rather lengthy post…of why? Because I know that in my study of His word and by memorizing His word I will come to understand more and more why He loves me, why His Son died for me, and how and where I can best serve Him.  Hope that helps…
His praise endures forever!
Time to get groovin’

So Here We Are 2011

Happy New Year to you!
Now that we have started the year off with a bang! I hope you had a safe NYE. I spent mine at the Big D NYE in downtown Dallas running camera. I always have fun when I do a freelance gig because I get to see friends I don’t see on a regular basis.
I spent many years as a freelance camera guy and it was a blast. I got to travel around the country and cover some awesome sporting events for ESPN, ABC, CBS…basically I tell folks I worked for all the alphabet networks at one point sometime. Those were fun but not as much as the people were. We had a lot of good times on the road and also when I worked all the events in the DFW area, so it is always good to hang out with those guys. Sometimes humbling cause they remind me how long I have been out of the mix and last night they reminded me often…good ribbing…ugh
It was very cool to see the amount of people that came out last night…I mean there were Like 35-45,000 folks welcoming in the year. I know it is not NYC numbers but for the fourth year to have this shindig not bad at all…
Now as we start the new year I decided I would join the challenge on of posting a blog at least once a week. They have one going for a once a day but I know me and I will lose track of time and forget to post…so once a week…yea more doable.
So this blog is just to throw out there and state my challenge out there. Have a great day!

Same Ol’, Same Ol’ Resolutions?

So anyway…as I wrote yesterday this has been an interesting year. I have written about some of the struggles…but now that I got that out of my system….what about the new year????  What am I going to really focus on in the new year???

Well I have to be honest…I hate the new year stuff….resolutions are such a beat down….we all attempt to make ourselves better and do this or that….but seriously…how many of your resolutions this year are the same ones you had last year??  I know I have a couple…I need to lose weight…(DUH!)…I am going to continue in growing closer to God…(that could also be a DUH unless you don’t believe in God…but I do…so DUH!)…I think we all want to be a better spouse and a better parent…I mean think about it if your resolution was to be a bad parent…and really try to tick off your spouse…you may need more than resolutions in your life…(see the one about closer to God…just sayin’)

So now that I got the obvious ones out of the way what does that leave??  I honestly don’t know….I do want to do all those things…so…if I just focus on those might that be easier than having a 10-15 list of things to improve..but I have a suggetion…for myself…(and you can listen in…)

Work on the one about God…cause I think…if I work on my relationship with the Creator and not the creation….then the rest of my resolutions would fall into place.  In fact I dare say that if I continue to be a better follower of His word and His direction I might even get some resolutions that I hadn’t counted on…so what could be some growing closer resolutions??

1. Prayer

I do know that I plan on being more committed to prayer…and more importantly committed to praying for others…how often do you tell friends I will pray for you??  I do a lot…but when the time comes…how often do you go back and follow through…sometimes I have struggled with what/how to pray for others…I suggest taking a look at Paul’s letter to the Colossians. Paul is great with bringing down to my level of focus.  In Colossians 1:9-14 he ives us a step-by-step guide how to pray for others. It is awesome…give it a shot.

2. Worship

Oh boy…is this a tough one…why?  Simple I work at a church…yea I know it sounds strange that a person who on staff at a church and he struggles with Worship.  Well I am a behind the scenes guy…and when the folks are here to Worship…what am I doing??  Working to make it a good experience for them.  I will give you an example…my kids were recently baptized and I sat with my wife in the Sanctuary and we watched them get dunked then we were joined by the kids during the Worship time once they dried off and we listened to a great message.  Now that may sound normal to you but my wife and I realized that it was the first time we Worshiped as a family in 4 years.  Nice Spiritual leading by me…ugh…but I can’t worry about the past I can only work better at the future…so I will step out of the control room and Worship more with my family this year.

3. Quiet time

This one up until about late October would not have been on the official list. I have been very good at working my way through the Bible for the past 2 years as CCBC is going through the Bible in 3 years.  Well for some reason I got out of the habit…and now I struggle just doing the study I need to to prepare for the small group I am leading.  So I will re-aim and get back at having my Bible…and my coffee and start the day by listen and reading His word!

Ok so there are 3 good resolutions to have…at least those are mine…like I said earlier if we all make a resolution to focus more on the Creator this year than on creation….I know that the other resolutions that we all think are important will seem unimportant or take care of themselves in a year….

How about you?  What are you resoluting this year? Let me know….

Well time to get groovin’

End Of Year Quick Thoughts

So how was your Christmas? Mine was really nice but seemed to go fast…it was like 6pm before I knew it. Whew…why as we get older things just go faster? I am sure there has been a study on this weird thing but still….just drives me crazy…
So anyway…here I sit taking it easy and feeling like another year has gone by and man did it fly..I have to admit it has been an interesting year. I am glad I had the struggles I had because I do think that how we handle the downs in our life makes us better. Life is great when times are up and everything is good…but is a roller coaster. Taking us up and down and sometimes throwing us into loops and making us feel sick but at the end of the ride we survived.
I know that this year has been one of the toughest…maybe since my dad died..but I also know that I have come out on the other side with a better understanding of what makes me tick. I know that a) I am not as bad as I thought but b) I still have a lot of work to do to be a better husband and better father.
Also my weight has at least stabilized during this Christmas season. I have not lost much but I have basically kept it to a reasonable number…now I can reload and get moving on more loss…to date the amount is 50 lbs lost since I started. I am almost under 300 and that will be the first goal of 2011. The next is to get it under 290…sounds strange I know but I have a wall at that spot since when I in Music Man last year that was where I was so…there you go…I will keep you updated…but really don’t want this to drive the bus of this blog…
So as we start the new year I pray you have a good one…I will be around to throw in my silliness and deep thoughts….OK not that deep but who knows what the year will hold. I do know I will let God lead a lot better that I have in the past and we will let it go from there. I do also know I actually like doing this blog thing even though I know I am late to the blog dance…and hopefully I will do a better job of being a bit more consistent in posting. Well…time to get groovin’…Happy New Year!

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Weight Loss…AGAIN! Part 2

Alright I don’t usually go back and read an old post but in checking yesterday’s I realized I left out a side bar…in September I had entered into a contest between several different IT, Technical Directors, Video, Audio type folks at churches around the country. This is the 6th year that this contest has been held and I thought it would motivate me to get back on the path of weight loss. In the first week I gained 9 lbs..fabulous job…the good news is that the 2nd week…no weight gain! Oh well no weight loss either but hey I had something to hold onto…
It was during that second week of the contest I had the talk with my doc and he sent me to a place that he had looked at with a fine tooth comb. See my doc is a guy who wants his patients to find something that can be life changing, and in looking for that something he found Slim 4 Life. A fellow doctor showed up at a conference and lost a dramatic amount of weight. My doc asked him if he finally did the surgery and he said nope I found Slim 4 Life. So doc said he had people on the program who had lost the weight they needed too lose on this program and he checked it out and it was medically sound. Nothing crazy and not something you can’t keep losing weight on.
Now folks I have been on A LOT of different diets..Pat Walker’s, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, cabbage soup (ugh)…cookie, Slim Fast, a protein shake and candy bar diet. I mean I don’t know if you can relate but if something came out and it said I could lose some weight…baby it was in my house by the end of the day… So honestly…going to another “diet” place…made me want to hurl…but..I went…
I went to Slim 4 Life ready to tell them no thanks…and I was ready to say forget this I will shoot for 400 lbs and prove the good old doctor wrong..I will be alive…HA! So I go expecting the same old pitch…which I did get…”this can change your life! You can be healthier! We know what we are doing!” Only problem is…I could see the results around me…one person who works there..she lost 50 lbs and believed in the program so much that she now works for the company.  In fact everybody in the place I go to has done the plan and come on staff afterwards not the oh yea I need to see how this thing works. Nope they have been there and done that.
So I did it. I decided that I would give it a shot. By the time i made it in there i had gotten up to 357 lbs…two months later…as of this morning I am at 308 lbs…yea I know not too bad..I am somewhat reserved in my excitement only because this time last year I was 295…but it works. Not does it work but I am changing my life and the way I eat. I have for the longest time eaten like “give me a bucket full of stuff cause it may all go away!” Now I know I don’t need to eat all I can cause it will still be around. Also it is amazing how better you feel when you actually get your fruits and veggies in a day. I am not going to go into the diet.  If you are interested check Slim 4 Life out. Have a been absolutely perfect? Nope just ask my pal Rusty…I ate 20 chicken wings and had a large fry at Wing Stop just last Saturday. The difference now is…I understand how to get rid of that poundage that comes afterwards.
I will be doing this diet till June according to them…mainly because we are shooting for 210. So as of today I am about 100 lbs away…I will keep you updated better since maybe I can give some people out there hope.  Cause really I had given up…I was resigned that I was going to be fat and unhealthy for the rest of my life…now I know I won’t be. So I will be praying for you and ask that you would pray for me.  Food addiction is a struggle…and I know I have that addiction…but I know I can lick it.
Oh by the way..after giving the contest a two week head start….I am now in 2nd place…two more weeks to go till it is over I will let you know how it ends…time to get groovin’.

Weight Loss…AGAIN!

Sorry it has been a while. The Fall is busy. I know..I know…we are all busy…lame excuse. I know I have one loyal follower but even he has most likely forgotten I write a blog.
As I sit here I just read a tweet from Jillian may not have heard of Jillian…she may be the coolest weight loss woman I have ever seen. She, along with Bob Harper are the trainers for the one show on NBC that is a success…The Biggest Loser. I have watched this show for a while now…even went so far as to go to a cattle call audition last time they rolled through the DFW area. Anyway Jillian’s tweet said something about having a weight loss blog.  She even linked it to an article about why you should have a weight loss blog
So I guess it is time…time to tell you…I am losing weight AGAIN! I have written about my weight struggles before so if your are interested browse through the past and you will see diet mentioned a couple of times.  
So back in the early fall I went to see my doctor.  He is a really awesome individual, as far as doctors go.  I saw him 3 months prior for regular physical and he said see you in 3 months.  I said what? Why? “Just to see how you are doing?” I was just on the other side of my struggle with a depression and had put on 30 lbs from the 50 I had lost a year prior. I had told him the stuff I thought he wanted to hear and even the stuff I had written about here. I am going back to the gym…getting refocused..bah..blah..blah.. Truth time..I hadn’t done any of that…I was lying to him, to you, to me, and trying to lie to God (good thing He knew better). I had even gotten my buddy in trouble for not telling his wife I was back in the gym…oh the guilt! Well not much on that last part cause my buddy Rusty is like all good husbands. He stays in constant trouble…
Anyway…when I went back in 3 months and the doc looked at I was another 20 lbs heavier and said very matter of fact, “so you are heavier…you heading for 400 lbs? Cause I don’t think you will make it.” What? Really? No…I am not heading to 400lbs…or am I? What was I doing? I had lost a bunch of weight a year ago and now here I was heavier than I had ever been in my life. What was I doing?
I had gotten back to the place I thought I would never be again…I had let myself be controlled by food…I had given up…I had decided that four cup cakes were better than 30 minutes walking..
So doc told me that if I really wanted to change he knew of a program that would do it…he had patients sitting in the same chair who had lost 30…40..70 lbs…I said ok what is it surgery? He said “I will never recommend that to no…you need to go to get your lifestyle changed…” honestly..I had heard that before…been there done that like six…eight times…but I kept listening…and tomorrow…I will tell you the rest of the story…cause this is getting a bit long in the tooth and there is more to tell….so until tomorrow…..time to get groovin’

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