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Trust…Do You Have It??

So where was I??? Oh wow…it has been a while…the real last post was celebrating my 19th anniversary with my bride…and we just celebrated 20..where has all the time gone??

Oh well…water under the bridge…since last we talked things have changed a bit in my life.  In December I left Christ Chapel Bible Church after 6 years of being on staff and started working for CRM Studios. Sounds like a quiet move but actually CRM is contracted by Glenn Beck and I am now the Technical Director for the Glenn Beck Show which is on .  For those not in the TV world the TD is the guy who sits next to the director in the control room in front of a bunch of buttons and uses those buttons to put the video that you see on the air…

Sounds like a simple decision if you are in the TV world…but for those that are in the church world…maybe not so much.  Well I can tell you that this job change was by far the hardest decision my bride and I have ever made (hint to married folks…I mentioned that we did it together…just a helpful marriage tip for free) in our married life about anything.   I had some friends who were excited for me and some who thought I had sold out…I even had a liberal friend laughingly say wow so you quit working for Jesus and went to work for the devil….either way we made it and then plunged in with both feet…but not easily with both feet.

So now here we are 6 months later…and how do I feel?  Well…so far so great.  I am not going to get into the political side of working for a guy who is very political…in fact I don’t even want to write about Glenn at all.  Nope this about trusting God…I know you are now saying what….wait uh….how can you turn this to trusting God?? Well duh…easy…if you think that I didn’t pray about this huge change then you need to put the crack pipe down and read the rest of these writings…God is central in my life and to do anything without Him is not something I would ever consider…

So getting to the trust part…yes I prayed…my wife prayed…I had some friends praying although I didn’t have many because we kept it pretty tight lipped…why?? Well because I didn’t think I would get the job…actually…I didn’t even want the job…yep…you read that right…I didn’t want the job with a very high profile individual that could be a great addition to the resume.

See I was approached by a friend who said he needed to hire a bunch of folks and would I help him with names…and then the conversation turned to the position of TD…he asked if I would be interested in the position….I said…nope…no interest what so ever….and that was true…I was happy at CCBC and was comfortable I mean why would I take a job that would not have me in charge of the department anymore…even after I decided to throw my name in the hat…I thought nothing about it…I didn’t think it would really happen…even after the 2nd interview…cause I figured I was doing what God wanted me to do…I was doing His work in His church…why would He put something else in front of me? Besides if I did take the job it would require me to leave my position immediately without a notice…

Now realize my boss at CCBC knew what was going on…so it wasn’t going to be a complete surprise…I am not that cold…OK…so quit thinking that..

So when the call came and the offer was on the table…I was on vacation I still thought…that this was not what God wanted…but something in my heart just said take it…and I did…and then…for the next week…I thought I had made a huge mistake…not because of the job…but because I had this pit in my stomach…like I had made a huge mistake…I even thought I would can the whole thing and get my old church job back… I now look back and see that pit in my stomach was my doubt to trust that what God had in store for me was not what I wanted to have in store for me…after a week or so I just decided I would trust Him and trust that He had what was best for me in mind…and you know what??  It has been awesome!!  The company is great!!!  The people are great!!! Also the challenge of being on the cutting edge of technology and get a chance to be a part of the great team that is GBTV….absolutely awesome!!

I say all this to show you that if you think you can’t trust God with a big thing like a job change or a career change STOP!!  Trust Him even when it looks insane..and when it doesn’t make sense…I have no clue what He has in store for me…but if there is one thing I have learned is when you trust and really turn it over to Him…good things happen…maybe not even the way you think they should…in fact most the time it happens in a way you could never imagine…

Look folks…there is nothing too big for Him…He can handle it…just trust Him…and oh by the way…He is not surprised by your need or request…He knew it was coming…way before you knew it was coming…well…time to get groovin’…..


Getting The Itch…

I know it has been a long while since I wrote anything…but when I started this blog I said it would be a blog that I did when I felt the need..well…I have been getting the itch again…so I think I will be back at it soon…

A lot has happened to me in the past few months and I need to clear some space in my wittle brain…so stay tuned…more to come…

Time to get Groovin’ !

Playing with iMovie on iPhone

So I got a new iPhone this week. I started playing around with the iMovie app as me and some friends travel to a game in Arkansas. When wouldn’t you know it. Rusty got pulled over.

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So Here We Are 2011

Happy New Year to you!
Now that we have started the year off with a bang! I hope you had a safe NYE. I spent mine at the Big D NYE in downtown Dallas running camera. I always have fun when I do a freelance gig because I get to see friends I don’t see on a regular basis.
I spent many years as a freelance camera guy and it was a blast. I got to travel around the country and cover some awesome sporting events for ESPN, ABC, CBS…basically I tell folks I worked for all the alphabet networks at one point sometime. Those were fun but not as much as the people were. We had a lot of good times on the road and also when I worked all the events in the DFW area, so it is always good to hang out with those guys. Sometimes humbling cause they remind me how long I have been out of the mix and last night they reminded me often…good ribbing…ugh
It was very cool to see the amount of people that came out last night…I mean there were Like 35-45,000 folks welcoming in the year. I know it is not NYC numbers but for the fourth year to have this shindig not bad at all…
Now as we start the new year I decided I would join the challenge on of posting a blog at least once a week. They have one going for a once a day but I know me and I will lose track of time and forget to post…so once a week…yea more doable.
So this blog is just to throw out there and state my challenge out there. Have a great day!

End Of Year Quick Thoughts

So how was your Christmas? Mine was really nice but seemed to go fast…it was like 6pm before I knew it. Whew…why as we get older things just go faster? I am sure there has been a study on this weird thing but still….just drives me crazy…
So anyway…here I sit taking it easy and feeling like another year has gone by and man did it fly..I have to admit it has been an interesting year. I am glad I had the struggles I had because I do think that how we handle the downs in our life makes us better. Life is great when times are up and everything is good…but is a roller coaster. Taking us up and down and sometimes throwing us into loops and making us feel sick but at the end of the ride we survived.
I know that this year has been one of the toughest…maybe since my dad died..but I also know that I have come out on the other side with a better understanding of what makes me tick. I know that a) I am not as bad as I thought but b) I still have a lot of work to do to be a better husband and better father.
Also my weight has at least stabilized during this Christmas season. I have not lost much but I have basically kept it to a reasonable number…now I can reload and get moving on more loss…to date the amount is 50 lbs lost since I started. I am almost under 300 and that will be the first goal of 2011. The next is to get it under 290…sounds strange I know but I have a wall at that spot since when I in Music Man last year that was where I was so…there you go…I will keep you updated…but really don’t want this to drive the bus of this blog…
So as we start the new year I pray you have a good one…I will be around to throw in my silliness and deep thoughts….OK not that deep but who knows what the year will hold. I do know I will let God lead a lot better that I have in the past and we will let it go from there. I do also know I actually like doing this blog thing even though I know I am late to the blog dance…and hopefully I will do a better job of being a bit more consistent in posting. Well…time to get groovin’…Happy New Year!

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Here We Go…Oh And Some Ground Rules…

So….here it is…a blog…yea…I know I am a bit behind but at least it is there…oh by the way all you English folks….I type like I think which means I have a lot of these”…” so please don’t give me any grief I know it is not right and I know it seems like a a LONG run on sentence but really this is my blog and I shall write the way I like….I don’t know how often I will write something but I will try at least once a week. So if you gentle reader can handle that then coolio..
I don’t have any agenda right now but will reserve the right to change that…I also am Christian and God is a big part of my life so He will be involved in some writings…I am not a beat you over the head with my Bible and Cross but it is a part of my life and He is working on me daily so I can only assume that some of that stuff will come out….and if that bugs you…well…you might find something else to read…I don’t have those big answers to the big questions but I do like discussions so you can comment if you wish but can we keep the name calling and childish ones to a minimum…I mean seriously…we are grown ups….
So now what?? I guess the best thing is to give you some insight about me…but… that seems boring…so Cliff Notes: Born & raised in Midland/Odessa TX area…yes I went to the Friday Night Lights school Odessa Permian…no I did not play football…sometimes wish I had but never really got excited about it…played string bass in the orchestra and had a blast during my musical life….worked at a TV station from age 13 till I graduated High School so my career kinda got started early…tried college…was not a good attempt…personal life got a little crazy and felt a bit lost for a while…started dating future wife…she moved to DFW area…I followed…we were married in 1992…life settled down and God entered my life in 1993…career as a freelance cameraman took off and got to travel the world doing sporting events…had boy in 1998…got tired of the road and took a staff job with Fox Sports Net in 2000 the same year as my daughter was born….left FSN in 2006 to become the Video Manager at my church Christ Chapel Bible Church….man I am spent…
OK that is it for now…I most likely will fill in the gaps as time goes by but for now….time to get groovin’…..

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