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I know I have been neglectful to this blog, but I do want you to know that I don’t write just to fill space…I write when I feel like I have somethng to say or just get some thoughts out…I will start with a quick weight update…286..I should be further down the path but that is for another blog.
Today I want to talk about how heavy my heart is today as I have lost a special friend. I want to talk to you about Bubba. Greg Gambill has been a friend of mine for over 20 years and he died Tuesday in his home. He leaves behind a great family and friends galore.
To know Bubba is to know a lot of TV production history, WW II history and weather. Yes those were usually the topics he would love discuss with you. All the while letting you know how much he loved each of your opinions on each topic. Course most of the time he thought your opinion was not right but he was glad to see you had an opinion. He was the guy who also had opinion on everything that was going on…even if he had no clue what was going on…he knew exactly what he knew..I know that may sound egotistical but with Bubba you knew that he knew that you knew he had NO idea what he was talking about and would crack that smile like a kid who just swiped a small piece of gum from the candy store.
You could come to the TV truck frustrated at the way the day was going and he could make you smile just to hear him yell something a bit on the blue side…well..ok it was usually a lot on the blue side…but again he would flash that smile and you would be frustrated no more…
My time with Bubba had become time few and far between since I have left the world of the full time freelancer but he was one of the ones I always couldn’t wait to see at the truck when I did make it out to the truck. He would great me with that smile and immediately want to know what was going on in my life…and we would then drift off into a discussion of WW II Pacific battles…or whatever he felt like talking about…and just being around him for a day or two here and there made me happy…
Today starts another season of baseball..a time when we look forward to a new day and new chance to start the season clean. Today though I know there will be some hearts that are looking back to a life of a man who would spread joy, happiness and bit of loving crankiness. A man who was full of life and always had a comment on everything…and wasn’t afraid to tell you…in that oh so Bubba way….
Love you Bubba always…I will miss you Bubba always…time for you to get groovin’…


A Blog About Nothing…

OK…so anyway….I am sitting at what has become my favorite place in the house…on my back porch sipping some coffee…of course this is Aledo, TX and it is 10:12 am and the temp is already 90…but I have a ceiling fan and it feels like a nice cool 88…cause it is the shade…it has been a hot summer…but it was a cool summer last year so…we are now paying for it…so quit complaining it’s hot…don’t like it just move….anyway…this one today is not about the weather…I think it maybe a blog rule to not mention the weather…but I am not a big blogger so who is going to notice…

Today from my back porch I was thinking…what should I write about since it has been a bit…I could write about the struggles I continue to have with motivation to get to the gym…in fact one of my blogs got my good friend Rusty in trouble…cause I mentioned that I was renewed and going back to the gym…well I did…but I haven’t been back since…so Rusty got in trouble and well…my fault…next time we go on a road trip…I will buy him some beef jerky and all will be forgiven….anyway… I have to realize that you may not even care that I am human and struggling with my weight…and how I just need to work through my ineptness and just keep praying the God would get my butt in the gym…so that is no good…

I could write something about what is going on at Christ Chapel…my workplace…which by the way is a lot…we have a lot going on…and those of us behind the scenes are working our tails off and God is in all of it…and well since He is in all of it…it is going to work out…so why do we worker bees get worked up??  Cause we are human…and being human means we need to get worked up…the other reason to not write about CCBC??  Makes it feel like a commercial…and you didn’t come here for a commercial about a good church…not a perfect church as Ted likes to say…but a good church…so that subject is out…

I could become real political and write about the state of the country….ah….nope….too easy…next.

Let’s see….maybe I could tell you what God is doing in my life…it would be a long list…but…I would have to put in how I am getting in the way more than I should and how I should just stand back and let Him lead…but my human nature again is wanting Him to hurry up and get to the things that are important to me…not Him…plus…I am most likely the only person this happens too…so I guess all I can say is Father God…thanks for grace…again..

I know I could write how freaked out I am about having a Middle Schooler…how inept I feel at being a dad…especially when I see the teenager creeping into my 12 year old…and how I don’t have a clue how to do this…and how I am panicked about how I am going to do this and then add another one in 2 years….and how she is way too much like me and I am in big trouble…but again…I need to give that over to God…funny how it keeps coming back to Him…

Well…the coffee has run out…and it is feeling like the temp is around 90….and I used the word inept twice…and we are going to go to the museum and air conditioning…cause man…it’s hot…time to get groovin’…

Love You Dad

So…this Sunday is Father’s Day…this time of year is bittersweet for me.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE being a dad…it is an overwhelming pleasure that God has blessed me with two great kids to raise…I just hope I am not planting them to deep.  It is bittersweet cause my father is no longer around as he died in 1994.  He was a HUGE influence in my life.  He was always there to pick me up with a great story or joke. I was a strange kid as I never went through the phase of “my parents don’t know anything.”  I knew the rough life my dad had been through and knew he was taking those lessons learned and giving his kids the best advice he could.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and wish he was still around.  I see my kids growing up and think how much he would love watching their different personalities….most likely as much as he loved watched us kiddos growing up.  Now I don’t have these overall Pollyanna thoughts on having a perfect dad and a perfect childhood…I know he made some mistakes as every parent did…I now think me having HBO in my room at the age of 10 was maybe not the best idea…plus there are other things he did that I am sure he would do differently…but wouldn’t we all.  He did the best he could have with not much of a father figure to work with.

See my Granddad…let’s just say he liked the ladies…he was married 8 times…you could say 7 since he married one lady twice…but he did marry someone in between so….dad was shipped around from relative to relative for most of his childhood. His baby sister got adopted but not him so I wonder if he had this deep since of not being wanted. But it was out of this mixed-up childhood that he came out and became very successful in the broadcasting industry.

He wanted to be a play-by-play guy and had great dreams of being famous…but he realized quick that the former players (even in the 60’s) were getting all the good jobs…so he looked around Texas and decided he would move to the Midland/Odessa area.  Why there???  Well he had just discovered the game of golf and realized he could play out there about 350 days a year cause of the weather…he did his best to accomplish that task too.  In the “Petroplex” dad became a bit of an influence…he had a popular morning radio show, was on the TV as a sportscaster/weatherman, had a stint on the Odessa City Council and ran for was fun..but it was also hard as “Frank’s”  kid to live up to the mystique…I knew I needed to be good and not upset the applecart…so I just decided to be a constant pleaser of him…if I could make him happy the my life was good..

What I am learning as I am now is I should have been turning to God my heavenly Father not my earthly earthly father had a lot of heavenly Father has none.  Course then we were not church going folk….remember that golf thing?? Yea…he was adamant about getting on the course before all the church going folk got there…so really I did not have the church upbringing…I sorta went to church in my high school days…but really nothing was sinking into my life…I was dating a great gal and she went church so I did too.  It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I decided to give into my heavenly Father’s fact it was shortly after I did that my earthly father died…so God stepped in and showed Himself to me and I ran to His arms…but I still had that pleasing dad issues…even after his death.

I have since spent the last 16 years looking for a new earthly father type to fill that love/pleasing cup…and I have failed to find one…why??  I am understanding it is because I have been trying to put humans in a place that only God can fill..not my wife, my mom, my kids, my friends, my pastor, nor anyone can fill that cup…He is the only one…He is the only one to look to…and the great thing is He is there with me and His grace has taken the pleasing factor completely out of it…He loves me with all my faults and all my issues….

I have had to come to terms with not putting people on a pedestal…God is my rock…He is my Father….which has made this year’s Father’s Day a bit more sweeter…and a lot less bitter…

I love and miss you dad…

I love you Father God.  I am so glad you are by my side and are a patient parent…help me be the best dad I can be…by turning my kid’s hearts more towards You than me….

Well….time to get groovin’

Let’s Live In Wigwams!!

Ok I know this does represent two days in a row of blogs…look don’t get to thinking this will be a regular occurrence….I would hate to disappoint you on a continual basis.  What got me going today is as I was sipping my morning coffee in Aledo and reading the local paper “The Community News”…I ran accross and article by a guest writer…and it really kinda irked me….

The writer E.R. Bills wrote an article basically hammering those who have accumulated wealth calling them stingy, greedy, and having an acute sense of self-entitlement….WOW.  I was having coffee…but I think Mr. Bills might have been having a cup of bitterness.  Not to say he is too far off..but I think he may know those who have had wealth handed to them and not acquired it and I think there can be a big difference.

Now I know that the state this country it has become the thing to rant about how our problems are because of greedy folks and that we should have done something to head off the issues at the pass. Of course we are looking for folks to blame…well guess what…it was the Democrats…it was the Republicans…it was the voters in general…it was the non voters…we all had a hand in it…because the public only wants things fixed after they are broken…but baby while things are going good…let’s enjoy the fun YYYEEEEHHAAA!!!

By the way Mr. Bills does take his shot at Christians as well..saying the only thing mainstream Christianity (whatever that means) has done right is in portraying Jesus as not very interested in material things.  Giving away everything and helping everyone.  Correct on that point.  Jesus did give away things. He did help those in need.  But He did not do those things to be a good guy or a helpful person. He gave away to show us that we need to be more reliant upon God.  Once we do that…God will provide for us what we need and when we need it. Even though when you look at it we deserve nothing from Him.

What really struck me  in his column was when he wrote about how the primitives in the Amazon are better at thinking about their fellow man than a wealthy person…they use only what they need. Well honestly it doesn’t take much to live in a wigwam culture…so…what is your point there??  Does Mr. Bills think if those folks weren’t given a chance to have more they would take it.  They most likely would and then they would possibly act just like most people..know why??  SIN…yep I said it…sin.  Sin is a nature in us since that taste of the apple.  We are what we are…sinful folks who need the grace of the God.  Grace is awesome when you realize the power that grace really is…WOW…oh but that is another blog….

Mr. Bills suggest we find a new way of commerce or else we will continue to be murderers…I think murderers is a bit harsh.  Yes America has have done things in our past that we should not be proud of…but I bet Mr. Bills wishes he had some do overs too…I know I do! (maybe this post)

There will always be those who have and those who have not.  Yes we should look for our fellow man, woman, and child no doubt and there are plenty of wealthy folks who do provide for them…they just don’t blast it from the rooftops.  I get they feeling that Mr. Bills is really trying to say that we would all be better off in a wigwam. Well….you go first Mr. Bills…then I will think about it….but don’t count on it…

Time to get groovin’…..

Seriously…Texas..Two Step Up…

OK so I love my state. TEXAS!  I have lived here all my life, got a decent education….might have gotten a better one if I cared enough to get one…but that is another blog topic..

The problem I am having is why in the year 2010 is Texas still struggling with how to fund education?  I know this can be a hot topic that can kill a conversation but seriously…I know the Democrats blame the Republicans and the vice versa…but come on man…I think at this stage in the game it is a collective fault.  Dems had their chance to reform when they had power and Reps have had their chance to do it recently…I will admit the Reps have a a bit longer and for the past several years up until the last session when Reps finally got rid of the power hungry Tom Craddick…they should have had it done….well enough is enough…the time is now…

Sounds good doesn’t it?  Well  odds are nothing will happen….cause we will most likely elect Gov. Good Hair again…and we will send mostly the same folks back to the state house…and they will debate…..and debate…..and debate…meanwhile teachers quit cause not enough money to survive in some areas….schools will get rid of teachers…cause not enough money…oh by the way…Teachers Union…you have a hand in this too…so don’t act too high above the fray….we all have a hand in it cause we keep sending the same people back and they keep saying the right things and doing nothing…

Why can’t someone…just decide you know what…seriously…let’s fix this problem once and for all…quit dancing around the May pole and acting like what we are fine…we are just fine…all is well….guess what folks…it’s is not well…and the main fallout is the fact that our kids get to pay the price….pay the price for folks not wanting to step on a few toes and make someone possibly mad…so they won’t get the vote next time….here is a thought…do it anyway….you had a job before you got elected…you will get one…most likely a better job cause you can add Rep or Sen to your resume…but think of the good you will have done…do it for Texas…I know that is a strange concept to you folks in Austin cause what good could come from actually helping Texas..but give it a try…and fix this mess…after the election roll the sleeves up and do it…we Texans can handle it..that is what made our state the state it is…folks willing to stand up for each other and do the right thing no matter what it takes…that includes you too Gov. Perry…I mean since you will make an attempt to run for the bigger office in two years…why not have that feather in your hair???

Look I know I offer no fix…so don’t say…you are stating the obvious….yea I know that…but it has been the obvious for a long time…and no one has two stepped up with any kind of solution…I am looking for someone to actually do what they say they are going to do and fix the problem…besides I got my education in Texas so it is not like I am good with numbers….well time to get groovin’

Beauty Among The Rocks

So I was out riding my motorcycle the other day.  It was the first chance I have had to ride in a while and I was a bit jazzed because there where still Bluebonnets out.  Now if you are not from Texas or never been around in the Spring when these little suckers are growing well my friend….you have led a sheltered life.  This year has been a great year for the state wildflower due to all the rain and snow we have had in the past year.  They started popping up late March this year and then they just exploded!!!  It has been awesome to be driving along and just have section after section of them lining the roads. WOW!!!

So anyway…where was I?? Oh yea…riding my Yamahawg… so I was riding around Glen Rose and I came along this little Bluebonnet in the middle of these rocks.  I thought I need to stop and get a picture cause how often does that happen…I mean a flower in the middle of rocks??  That is one of the things I love about having the ability of taking photos with a phone…now I am never without a camera…and being a video type guy…I just always see things a bit askew and they need their picture taken….  So after I took the above picture…I got to thinking…Father God that is just awesome how You do those kinds of things….make something grow in something that really can not support life…

Then it occurred to me…if God can take something like a flower and give it life within rocks….what could He do for us living in among what we would think are rocks in our life??  If we are thinking there are just rocks and dirt and nothing good can go good in my life well folks remember…

He can bring beauty…He can give life….He can make your life flower….

He is the ultimate gardener who can take yuck and muck in your life and weed through it.  After some pruning, trimming and fertilizing…what could He make of your life??  What could He make of my life??  Not that pruning doesn’t hurt…and sometimes fertilizer stinks…but all that is necessary to bring out the richness in our lives.  So if you are in the rocks right now and things are just desolated then let yourself relax…cause that means the gardener is at work in your life….

Well….time to get groovin’…

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