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Was That Really NAB?

Howdy folks….been a bit I know…sorry…life has a way of getting busy…I am writing on the flight home from the biggest convention there is for broadcasters. It is simply called NAB which stands for the National Association of Broadcasters.

NAB is a HUGE convention held in Las Vegas every year. Honestly it is a time for us technical folks to get out of town and see the new toys. It is also a time to see old friends make new ones and see what everybody thinks about the direction of our industry.

Funny thing happened on the way to NAB though…it has been high jacked by content folks…not technical folks. Now let me say that I am not sure it is a good thing or a bad thing…trying to really digest it…but my big ol’ gut says bad.

The keynote speaker was James Cameron and there was a conversation with Kevin Smith day as well..good folks…but really what can they offer a bunch of technical guys…sure Cameron can talk about how great 3D is and how he did this and did that to save the movie industry and Smith can tell us the struggles to get a movie made…but this is a conference of broadcasters not movie people.

Content is important…but this convention has always been about how to get that content on the airways, cable, and online. Walking around the three huge convention buildings filled of gadgets and gizmos I noticed something..this is basically the same gadgets and gizmos that have been around the past couple of years. Was there cool stuff?? Oh yea! Was there anything that I thought would be a game changer in the video industry??? Uh…no..not really..and that is not good. This convention has always had someone there that everyone was rushing to see…a few years ago there was the RED camera..a couple of years ago 3D showed it’s ugly head..but this year…nothing…nada….zero…

If the NAB folks are going to turn this convention into content driven…well..not sure they will like the attendance numbers in a few years…cause the technical folks will quit coming…even if it is in Vegas.

Look I know a lot of the issues in our industry and most of them are because of our stinks…and when the economy stinks the broadcast industry stinks worse cause the first thing to go in a company’s budget is advertising…and advertising drives the bus…so…the circle gets only halfway around..but just seems there are so many content conferences out there I think my over all feeling is this path that NAB may be heading down is not good…

There needs to be a place for innovation…and there needs to be a showplace to see that innovation…and if NAB would rather become a place of content folks because having movie guys come in looks sexier…well maybe there will be another place that pops up that us technical folks can go….only time will tell…well time to get groovin’!!!

Location:Somewhere between Vegas & Texas



OK so I was just out in Las Vegas for the annual NAB convention. For those of you wondering NAB stands for National Association of Broadcasters.  Now our church is not on TV and I know it sounds strange that as a church staff member I would go out to Vegas, but this is the convention of conventions for those of us doing video, film, and radio so you have to go where the stuff is. Wow was there stuff this year.  The convention center in Vegas has 2 Million square feet of exhibit space….2 MILLION…and it was all full of new gadgets and gizmos of all kinds of video, lighting,  radio transmitters, and electronic thing-a-ma-bobs.  Why there was even a 4×4 vehicle with and HD mounted camera on the front that you control from the passenger seat.  I am still trying to figure out how to work that one into next years budget…..

So anyway this year the big deal at the big deal convention…..3D. In my best Ben Stein voice…wow.  Very underwhelming. I mean seriously…really??  I am trying to wrap my head around an industry that has decided that THIS TIME…no really…THIS TIME 3D is going to work!!!  UGH!!!  I mean I don’t want you to think I don’t think 3D is cool…it is…I mean Avatar was absolutely AWESOME from a technology and WOW the way Dances With Wolves called and they want their storyline back…and all the worship the tree stuff….whatever that could be a whole other blog.

Sorry back on track…the techno stuff that the movie brought in was unbelievable and definitely raised the bar for any 3D stuff behind it.  So now because of that companies want you to jettison that HD TV you just bought (I say you cause I still don’t have one…yea I am that guy…the one involved in the video world but has not had time to be a consumer of the video world…) and they want you to buy a 3D TV for around $3000 and they will throw in 2 pairs of glasses for free. Gee thanks…my family of four will ove the two glasses…so now buy 2 more pair.  Of course I know this doesn’t happen at your house… but at mine…I can’t even find the remote control on a regular basis…that is while I am tripping over the XBox and Wii controllers…so having to keep up with four pairs of glasses would be a NIGHTMARE!!!!!

I really think this new 3D fascination in your home will die it has each time it comes around.  I know there are enough people out there who have to be the Jones’ on their block and run out and get it…well..good for them.  I mean seriously think about it this industry wants you to change your TV watching when they can’t even agree on what kind of HD they want to use 720 or 1080….time to get groovin’

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