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Why Memorize?

Top of the morning to everyone…glad you made it through he weekend.
I do want to start this blog off on a bit of a sad point. A friend of mine today is rejoicing, but we his friends and family are grieving. My friend Brent died yesterday suddenly at the age of 40. Brent was a co-worker of mine in the sports freelance world and was a good, hard, and dedicated worker. His smile was infectious and he always had a positive thing to say. I know he is rejoicing today because he is in the arms of Christ. Thanks Brent for your friendship and I can’t wait till we see each other again…
Now to the title subject…I posted on Facebook and Twitter last night that I was going to work at memorizing the entire book of Philippians before Easter. I decided to do this in a spur of the moment thing after reading another blogger’s decision to do it after he read another fellow blogger’s challenge. I had a buddy ask me “on purpose?” and another friend ask “why?”. Why indeed?
I had to step back myself and ask why for me?
John Piper has some great statements why to memorize scripture. In fact his statements are a part of the book you build to help you through the next 16 weeks. Like I said those are great…but still why?
Honestly I have struggled with being in the word for a good part of my life with Christ. I have spent more time out of it than in it. However in the past few years I have spent a bit more time in it and have seen my understanding not only of my life, but more importantly my life as a servant of Christ. Do I still screw up and stumble in my walk? Every day! Am I surrounded by His Grace? Every day! How do I know that? By spending time in His word. So there is one reason for me is to spend more time in His word.
Another reason for me is that I feel like I have needed to take the step of Bible memorization. I have tried in the past and done OK…but not great. I feel like the only scripture I have memorized is John 11:35 “Jesus wept.” I know it is better than that but still I need to step it up. I always have admired the story of basketball player David Robinson. It has been said he spent a lot of time memorizing scripture so that when he signed an autograph he could add a verse address that came to his mind in hopes that the person could be inspired to read it. Don’t know if it is true but makes a good story and a good idea.
Today starts a new time at Christ Chapel where I not only work but where I have attended for the past 15 years. We started the 3rd year of reading through the scriptures. The first year we read the New Testament…last year the 1st half of the Old we started the 2nd half. So wouldn’t you know it today while reading the day 1’s reading of Psalms 111 I found another reason.
Psalms 111:10 ESV “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: all those who practice it have a good understanding. His praise endures forever!”
Now this brings up a interesting point…fear of the LORD. Do you fear the LORD? My guess is most of you say…uh no. I totally understand. This time last year I said the same the thing. I didn’t think you still needed to be in fear of the LORD. But then I went through a depression and the way out of it was understanding that I feared man way more than I feared God. In fact I have spent my whole life with the fear of what others thought of me and how I was stacking up in comparison to others. I realized that the mask I had put on my whole life of not caring what others thought of me was cracked and falling apart, and what I really should focus on is fearing what God thought of me.
Of course when I did start focusing on this fear I also realized that no matter how I messed up, no matter what I have done in the past He still loves me. So the fear that I now have is not being on the path that He wants me on…and the only way to know where He wants me is from reading His word and understanding it.
So to sum up this rather lengthy post…of why? Because I know that in my study of His word and by memorizing His word I will come to understand more and more why He loves me, why His Son died for me, and how and where I can best serve Him.  Hope that helps…
His praise endures forever!
Time to get groovin’


To Church Or Not To Church

So here it is…Easter Week. This is the week that a lot of people attend church for the one of two times this year….the other being Christmas Eve. I know because I grew up in a home like that. I have always said we went to church on those days if the weather was cruddy. Cruddy??? Yep. My dad’s passion was for golf. In fact I sometimes wondered if he had to choose between never playing golf and being with us or playing golf and not being with us….hhhhhmmmm.
Don’t get me wrong I love my dad like nobody’s business, he died almost 16 years ago and to this day I miss him greatly. He was the biggest influence in my life and there are still things today that I can trace back to him. However by the time I came around…I was the youngest of 5…the only worship he did on Sundays was at the church of the clubhouse followed by a gin rummy fellowship. Not that it was that bad of a situation but my mom tells stories of dad actually teaching an adult bible study at a church. She even remarked one time that she had people coming up to her telling her how great a teacher he was. WHAT?? I still wonder what it would have been like to know that man.
So I guess where I am going is…I can understand that a lot of folks think that church is just something that is to be tolerated not enjoyed or dare I say….desired. I totally get it I used to be the same way. If you think church can be too straight lace nerdy kind thing well then you haven’t been to church lately my friend. I’m not saying that there aren’t churches that are straight lace and nerdy…there are…more so than not…but…if you have something in your gut that is tugging at your heart and you think maybe there can be something to this Jesus thing…then go…what have you got to lose…one hour of your life?  Your online already so research and find a church that might be your style and go see. Oh and if not that one try another one…churches today are not a one size fit all…you can find one……stand by for obvious commercial plug…
If it gets to Saturday and you still haven’t found where to go well then I would invite you to join Christ Chapel. As Ted, our Senior Pastor, says “We are not a perfect church, but we are a good church.”
We stream live so you don’t even have to get out of PJs. We will have 6 services streaming this weekend. We have 2 Contemporary services Saturday night 5 & 7. On Sunday we have 4 Traditional services 8, 9:30, 11, & 12:30. You can join us at …..end of commercial.
Look I don’t care if you come to CCBC, stream online, or go to a church down your street…I just say go. Today we can become so wrapped up in what we think the church is all about that we stay away from it just just because of our own mandate that all churches are created equal.  They aren’t…are some screwed up…OH YES…are some teaching weird theology…unfortunately yes. But God can do what He wants through whatever platform He chooses no matter how twisted the teaching is…  Why not just for this weekend take a chance?  He has a place for you in a pew or seat somewhere this weekend…He is waiting… Well time to get groovin’…..

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