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I know I have been neglectful to this blog, but I do want you to know that I don’t write just to fill space…I write when I feel like I have somethng to say or just get some thoughts out…I will start with a quick weight update…286..I should be further down the path but that is for another blog.
Today I want to talk about how heavy my heart is today as I have lost a special friend. I want to talk to you about Bubba. Greg Gambill has been a friend of mine for over 20 years and he died Tuesday in his home. He leaves behind a great family and friends galore.
To know Bubba is to know a lot of TV production history, WW II history and weather. Yes those were usually the topics he would love discuss with you. All the while letting you know how much he loved each of your opinions on each topic. Course most of the time he thought your opinion was not right but he was glad to see you had an opinion. He was the guy who also had opinion on everything that was going on…even if he had no clue what was going on…he knew exactly what he knew..I know that may sound egotistical but with Bubba you knew that he knew that you knew he had NO idea what he was talking about and would crack that smile like a kid who just swiped a small piece of gum from the candy store.
You could come to the TV truck frustrated at the way the day was going and he could make you smile just to hear him yell something a bit on the blue side…well..ok it was usually a lot on the blue side…but again he would flash that smile and you would be frustrated no more…
My time with Bubba had become time few and far between since I have left the world of the full time freelancer but he was one of the ones I always couldn’t wait to see at the truck when I did make it out to the truck. He would great me with that smile and immediately want to know what was going on in my life…and we would then drift off into a discussion of WW II Pacific battles…or whatever he felt like talking about…and just being around him for a day or two here and there made me happy…
Today starts another season of baseball..a time when we look forward to a new day and new chance to start the season clean. Today though I know there will be some hearts that are looking back to a life of a man who would spread joy, happiness and bit of loving crankiness. A man who was full of life and always had a comment on everything…and wasn’t afraid to tell you…in that oh so Bubba way….
Love you Bubba always…I will miss you Bubba always…time for you to get groovin’…


Same Ol’, Same Ol’ Resolutions?

So anyway…as I wrote yesterday this has been an interesting year. I have written about some of the struggles…but now that I got that out of my system….what about the new year????  What am I going to really focus on in the new year???

Well I have to be honest…I hate the new year stuff….resolutions are such a beat down….we all attempt to make ourselves better and do this or that….but seriously…how many of your resolutions this year are the same ones you had last year??  I know I have a couple…I need to lose weight…(DUH!)…I am going to continue in growing closer to God…(that could also be a DUH unless you don’t believe in God…but I do…so DUH!)…I think we all want to be a better spouse and a better parent…I mean think about it if your resolution was to be a bad parent…and really try to tick off your spouse…you may need more than resolutions in your life…(see the one about closer to God…just sayin’)

So now that I got the obvious ones out of the way what does that leave??  I honestly don’t know….I do want to do all those things…so…if I just focus on those might that be easier than having a 10-15 list of things to improve..but I have a suggetion…for myself…(and you can listen in…)

Work on the one about God…cause I think…if I work on my relationship with the Creator and not the creation….then the rest of my resolutions would fall into place.  In fact I dare say that if I continue to be a better follower of His word and His direction I might even get some resolutions that I hadn’t counted on…so what could be some growing closer resolutions??

1. Prayer

I do know that I plan on being more committed to prayer…and more importantly committed to praying for others…how often do you tell friends I will pray for you??  I do a lot…but when the time comes…how often do you go back and follow through…sometimes I have struggled with what/how to pray for others…I suggest taking a look at Paul’s letter to the Colossians. Paul is great with bringing down to my level of focus.  In Colossians 1:9-14 he ives us a step-by-step guide how to pray for others. It is awesome…give it a shot.

2. Worship

Oh boy…is this a tough one…why?  Simple I work at a church…yea I know it sounds strange that a person who on staff at a church and he struggles with Worship.  Well I am a behind the scenes guy…and when the folks are here to Worship…what am I doing??  Working to make it a good experience for them.  I will give you an example…my kids were recently baptized and I sat with my wife in the Sanctuary and we watched them get dunked then we were joined by the kids during the Worship time once they dried off and we listened to a great message.  Now that may sound normal to you but my wife and I realized that it was the first time we Worshiped as a family in 4 years.  Nice Spiritual leading by me…ugh…but I can’t worry about the past I can only work better at the future…so I will step out of the control room and Worship more with my family this year.

3. Quiet time

This one up until about late October would not have been on the official list. I have been very good at working my way through the Bible for the past 2 years as CCBC is going through the Bible in 3 years.  Well for some reason I got out of the habit…and now I struggle just doing the study I need to to prepare for the small group I am leading.  So I will re-aim and get back at having my Bible…and my coffee and start the day by listen and reading His word!

Ok so there are 3 good resolutions to have…at least those are mine…like I said earlier if we all make a resolution to focus more on the Creator this year than on creation….I know that the other resolutions that we all think are important will seem unimportant or take care of themselves in a year….

How about you?  What are you resoluting this year? Let me know….

Well time to get groovin’

First Day…

So today here in Texas is the first day of public school.  Still don’t think it is right to start school before Labor Day but that is another blog topic…

Today Thing 1 starts Middle School and Thing 2 starts 5th grade.  I can’t believe I got this old this fast.

One of my favorite movies is “Hook”, yea I know it is sappy and Julia Roberts makes a bad Tinkerbell..but I will watch it anytime it is on and so will Thing 1 & Thing 2.  We love it.   The part when the lost boys see what they are being told is Peter Pan grown up.  They don’t believe the man in front of them is the boy who lead them to victories over the Indians and several battles with Captain Hook.  Tink is trying to tell them the situation and she sys “look Hook has his kids we need to help him.”  Then my favorite line comes when one of the lost boys has the look of disbelief and says, “Peter Pan’s gots kids?”

I love that line cause that is how I feel sometime..”how did I get old and have kids?”  Plus now how did they get old and get to this pont in their life when one is on the brink of teenage and the other one is 10.  I know several of my friends from High School have older ones so they are rolling their eyes right now most likely thinking…”oh to be back at that point of time….when they kids still listened…” I know I am being the usual goofball, but this is hard for me.  Cause I see my son heading off to what is usually the hardest time of the school life and think “can I keep him engaged enough so that I know most of what is going on in his life?” I say most cause my parents knew most of what was going on but not all..I know that sounds cocky cause parents like to think they know everything…but I don’t think we can know what is going on fully…and we need to prepare our kids for the fist days when they are confronted with the struggles that come with being and knucklehead teenager.

It becomes overwhelming on days like today…did I do enough to launch them into another phase in their life?  I think so??  The good news is that both my kids have given their hearts to Christ so at least I have HIM when I will fail them…cause being human…I will. All I keep reminding them is that no matter what they screw up on…Christ has already forgiven them….they may still get grounded from their earthly father but not from their heavenly Father.  He doesn’t even remember the screw up.  Thank goodness…cause I had some pretty big screw ups when I was their age….and I still have some pretty big screw ups today at 41.

So what was is your favorite memory of your first day of school??  Leave a comment and let me know….

Well time to get groovin’…..

Love You Dad

So…this Sunday is Father’s Day…this time of year is bittersweet for me.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE being a dad…it is an overwhelming pleasure that God has blessed me with two great kids to raise…I just hope I am not planting them to deep.  It is bittersweet cause my father is no longer around as he died in 1994.  He was a HUGE influence in my life.  He was always there to pick me up with a great story or joke. I was a strange kid as I never went through the phase of “my parents don’t know anything.”  I knew the rough life my dad had been through and knew he was taking those lessons learned and giving his kids the best advice he could.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and wish he was still around.  I see my kids growing up and think how much he would love watching their different personalities….most likely as much as he loved watched us kiddos growing up.  Now I don’t have these overall Pollyanna thoughts on having a perfect dad and a perfect childhood…I know he made some mistakes as every parent did…I now think me having HBO in my room at the age of 10 was maybe not the best idea…plus there are other things he did that I am sure he would do differently…but wouldn’t we all.  He did the best he could have with not much of a father figure to work with.

See my Granddad…let’s just say he liked the ladies…he was married 8 times…you could say 7 since he married one lady twice…but he did marry someone in between so….dad was shipped around from relative to relative for most of his childhood. His baby sister got adopted but not him so I wonder if he had this deep since of not being wanted. But it was out of this mixed-up childhood that he came out and became very successful in the broadcasting industry.

He wanted to be a play-by-play guy and had great dreams of being famous…but he realized quick that the former players (even in the 60’s) were getting all the good jobs…so he looked around Texas and decided he would move to the Midland/Odessa area.  Why there???  Well he had just discovered the game of golf and realized he could play out there about 350 days a year cause of the weather…he did his best to accomplish that task too.  In the “Petroplex” dad became a bit of an influence…he had a popular morning radio show, was on the TV as a sportscaster/weatherman, had a stint on the Odessa City Council and ran for was fun..but it was also hard as “Frank’s”  kid to live up to the mystique…I knew I needed to be good and not upset the applecart…so I just decided to be a constant pleaser of him…if I could make him happy the my life was good..

What I am learning as I am now is I should have been turning to God my heavenly Father not my earthly earthly father had a lot of heavenly Father has none.  Course then we were not church going folk….remember that golf thing?? Yea…he was adamant about getting on the course before all the church going folk got there…so really I did not have the church upbringing…I sorta went to church in my high school days…but really nothing was sinking into my life…I was dating a great gal and she went church so I did too.  It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I decided to give into my heavenly Father’s fact it was shortly after I did that my earthly father died…so God stepped in and showed Himself to me and I ran to His arms…but I still had that pleasing dad issues…even after his death.

I have since spent the last 16 years looking for a new earthly father type to fill that love/pleasing cup…and I have failed to find one…why??  I am understanding it is because I have been trying to put humans in a place that only God can fill..not my wife, my mom, my kids, my friends, my pastor, nor anyone can fill that cup…He is the only one…He is the only one to look to…and the great thing is He is there with me and His grace has taken the pleasing factor completely out of it…He loves me with all my faults and all my issues….

I have had to come to terms with not putting people on a pedestal…God is my rock…He is my Father….which has made this year’s Father’s Day a bit more sweeter…and a lot less bitter…

I love and miss you dad…

I love you Father God.  I am so glad you are by my side and are a patient parent…help me be the best dad I can be…by turning my kid’s hearts more towards You than me….

Well….time to get groovin’

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