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Trust…Do You Have It??

So where was I??? Oh wow…it has been a while…the real last post was celebrating my 19th anniversary with my bride…and we just celebrated 20..where has all the time gone??

Oh well…water under the bridge…since last we talked things have changed a bit in my life.  In December I left Christ Chapel Bible Church after 6 years of being on staff and started working for CRM Studios. Sounds like a quiet move but actually CRM is contracted by Glenn Beck and I am now the Technical Director for the Glenn Beck Show which is on .  For those not in the TV world the TD is the guy who sits next to the director in the control room in front of a bunch of buttons and uses those buttons to put the video that you see on the air…

Sounds like a simple decision if you are in the TV world…but for those that are in the church world…maybe not so much.  Well I can tell you that this job change was by far the hardest decision my bride and I have ever made (hint to married folks…I mentioned that we did it together…just a helpful marriage tip for free) in our married life about anything.   I had some friends who were excited for me and some who thought I had sold out…I even had a liberal friend laughingly say wow so you quit working for Jesus and went to work for the devil….either way we made it and then plunged in with both feet…but not easily with both feet.

So now here we are 6 months later…and how do I feel?  Well…so far so great.  I am not going to get into the political side of working for a guy who is very political…in fact I don’t even want to write about Glenn at all.  Nope this about trusting God…I know you are now saying what….wait uh….how can you turn this to trusting God?? Well duh…easy…if you think that I didn’t pray about this huge change then you need to put the crack pipe down and read the rest of these writings…God is central in my life and to do anything without Him is not something I would ever consider…

So getting to the trust part…yes I prayed…my wife prayed…I had some friends praying although I didn’t have many because we kept it pretty tight lipped…why?? Well because I didn’t think I would get the job…actually…I didn’t even want the job…yep…you read that right…I didn’t want the job with a very high profile individual that could be a great addition to the resume.

See I was approached by a friend who said he needed to hire a bunch of folks and would I help him with names…and then the conversation turned to the position of TD…he asked if I would be interested in the position….I said…nope…no interest what so ever….and that was true…I was happy at CCBC and was comfortable I mean why would I take a job that would not have me in charge of the department anymore…even after I decided to throw my name in the hat…I thought nothing about it…I didn’t think it would really happen…even after the 2nd interview…cause I figured I was doing what God wanted me to do…I was doing His work in His church…why would He put something else in front of me? Besides if I did take the job it would require me to leave my position immediately without a notice…

Now realize my boss at CCBC knew what was going on…so it wasn’t going to be a complete surprise…I am not that cold…OK…so quit thinking that..

So when the call came and the offer was on the table…I was on vacation I still thought…that this was not what God wanted…but something in my heart just said take it…and I did…and then…for the next week…I thought I had made a huge mistake…not because of the job…but because I had this pit in my stomach…like I had made a huge mistake…I even thought I would can the whole thing and get my old church job back… I now look back and see that pit in my stomach was my doubt to trust that what God had in store for me was not what I wanted to have in store for me…after a week or so I just decided I would trust Him and trust that He had what was best for me in mind…and you know what??  It has been awesome!!  The company is great!!!  The people are great!!! Also the challenge of being on the cutting edge of technology and get a chance to be a part of the great team that is GBTV….absolutely awesome!!

I say all this to show you that if you think you can’t trust God with a big thing like a job change or a career change STOP!!  Trust Him even when it looks insane..and when it doesn’t make sense…I have no clue what He has in store for me…but if there is one thing I have learned is when you trust and really turn it over to Him…good things happen…maybe not even the way you think they should…in fact most the time it happens in a way you could never imagine…

Look folks…there is nothing too big for Him…He can handle it…just trust Him…and oh by the way…He is not surprised by your need or request…He knew it was coming…way before you knew it was coming…well…time to get groovin’…..


Why Memorize?

Top of the morning to everyone…glad you made it through he weekend.
I do want to start this blog off on a bit of a sad point. A friend of mine today is rejoicing, but we his friends and family are grieving. My friend Brent died yesterday suddenly at the age of 40. Brent was a co-worker of mine in the sports freelance world and was a good, hard, and dedicated worker. His smile was infectious and he always had a positive thing to say. I know he is rejoicing today because he is in the arms of Christ. Thanks Brent for your friendship and I can’t wait till we see each other again…
Now to the title subject…I posted on Facebook and Twitter last night that I was going to work at memorizing the entire book of Philippians before Easter. I decided to do this in a spur of the moment thing after reading another blogger’s decision to do it after he read another fellow blogger’s challenge. I had a buddy ask me “on purpose?” and another friend ask “why?”. Why indeed?
I had to step back myself and ask why for me?
John Piper has some great statements why to memorize scripture. In fact his statements are a part of the book you build to help you through the next 16 weeks. Like I said those are great…but still why?
Honestly I have struggled with being in the word for a good part of my life with Christ. I have spent more time out of it than in it. However in the past few years I have spent a bit more time in it and have seen my understanding not only of my life, but more importantly my life as a servant of Christ. Do I still screw up and stumble in my walk? Every day! Am I surrounded by His Grace? Every day! How do I know that? By spending time in His word. So there is one reason for me is to spend more time in His word.
Another reason for me is that I feel like I have needed to take the step of Bible memorization. I have tried in the past and done OK…but not great. I feel like the only scripture I have memorized is John 11:35 “Jesus wept.” I know it is better than that but still I need to step it up. I always have admired the story of basketball player David Robinson. It has been said he spent a lot of time memorizing scripture so that when he signed an autograph he could add a verse address that came to his mind in hopes that the person could be inspired to read it. Don’t know if it is true but makes a good story and a good idea.
Today starts a new time at Christ Chapel where I not only work but where I have attended for the past 15 years. We started the 3rd year of reading through the scriptures. The first year we read the New Testament…last year the 1st half of the Old we started the 2nd half. So wouldn’t you know it today while reading the day 1’s reading of Psalms 111 I found another reason.
Psalms 111:10 ESV “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: all those who practice it have a good understanding. His praise endures forever!”
Now this brings up a interesting point…fear of the LORD. Do you fear the LORD? My guess is most of you say…uh no. I totally understand. This time last year I said the same the thing. I didn’t think you still needed to be in fear of the LORD. But then I went through a depression and the way out of it was understanding that I feared man way more than I feared God. In fact I have spent my whole life with the fear of what others thought of me and how I was stacking up in comparison to others. I realized that the mask I had put on my whole life of not caring what others thought of me was cracked and falling apart, and what I really should focus on is fearing what God thought of me.
Of course when I did start focusing on this fear I also realized that no matter how I messed up, no matter what I have done in the past He still loves me. So the fear that I now have is not being on the path that He wants me on…and the only way to know where He wants me is from reading His word and understanding it.
So to sum up this rather lengthy post…of why? Because I know that in my study of His word and by memorizing His word I will come to understand more and more why He loves me, why His Son died for me, and how and where I can best serve Him.  Hope that helps…
His praise endures forever!
Time to get groovin’

Same Ol’, Same Ol’ Resolutions?

So anyway…as I wrote yesterday this has been an interesting year. I have written about some of the struggles…but now that I got that out of my system….what about the new year????  What am I going to really focus on in the new year???

Well I have to be honest…I hate the new year stuff….resolutions are such a beat down….we all attempt to make ourselves better and do this or that….but seriously…how many of your resolutions this year are the same ones you had last year??  I know I have a couple…I need to lose weight…(DUH!)…I am going to continue in growing closer to God…(that could also be a DUH unless you don’t believe in God…but I do…so DUH!)…I think we all want to be a better spouse and a better parent…I mean think about it if your resolution was to be a bad parent…and really try to tick off your spouse…you may need more than resolutions in your life…(see the one about closer to God…just sayin’)

So now that I got the obvious ones out of the way what does that leave??  I honestly don’t know….I do want to do all those things…so…if I just focus on those might that be easier than having a 10-15 list of things to improve..but I have a suggetion…for myself…(and you can listen in…)

Work on the one about God…cause I think…if I work on my relationship with the Creator and not the creation….then the rest of my resolutions would fall into place.  In fact I dare say that if I continue to be a better follower of His word and His direction I might even get some resolutions that I hadn’t counted on…so what could be some growing closer resolutions??

1. Prayer

I do know that I plan on being more committed to prayer…and more importantly committed to praying for others…how often do you tell friends I will pray for you??  I do a lot…but when the time comes…how often do you go back and follow through…sometimes I have struggled with what/how to pray for others…I suggest taking a look at Paul’s letter to the Colossians. Paul is great with bringing down to my level of focus.  In Colossians 1:9-14 he ives us a step-by-step guide how to pray for others. It is awesome…give it a shot.

2. Worship

Oh boy…is this a tough one…why?  Simple I work at a church…yea I know it sounds strange that a person who on staff at a church and he struggles with Worship.  Well I am a behind the scenes guy…and when the folks are here to Worship…what am I doing??  Working to make it a good experience for them.  I will give you an example…my kids were recently baptized and I sat with my wife in the Sanctuary and we watched them get dunked then we were joined by the kids during the Worship time once they dried off and we listened to a great message.  Now that may sound normal to you but my wife and I realized that it was the first time we Worshiped as a family in 4 years.  Nice Spiritual leading by me…ugh…but I can’t worry about the past I can only work better at the future…so I will step out of the control room and Worship more with my family this year.

3. Quiet time

This one up until about late October would not have been on the official list. I have been very good at working my way through the Bible for the past 2 years as CCBC is going through the Bible in 3 years.  Well for some reason I got out of the habit…and now I struggle just doing the study I need to to prepare for the small group I am leading.  So I will re-aim and get back at having my Bible…and my coffee and start the day by listen and reading His word!

Ok so there are 3 good resolutions to have…at least those are mine…like I said earlier if we all make a resolution to focus more on the Creator this year than on creation….I know that the other resolutions that we all think are important will seem unimportant or take care of themselves in a year….

How about you?  What are you resoluting this year? Let me know….

Well time to get groovin’

Yes Lord…

So anyway…today is a struggle for me.  I am looking back over the summer and thinking…where did it go?  I had great plans for this summer…I was going to going to spend a lot of time with the family…I was going to clean out the out of control room which doubles as my office….I was going to dive deep into the book of Colossians so that I could start a small group this fall made up of video volunteers…what the heck happened?

Life…life got in the way…we had a real busy time around the house… seems like every week there was one kid going one way and another going the other…and then there was stuff happening all around Christ Chapel…we had over 1000 kids during our Kids Kamp…another 350 during MusiCamp….plus we are getting ready to celebrate the church’s 30th anniversary…while planning for new buildings to be built…oh and we are also starting a new Worship service.  So yea it got a little crazy.

But I have come to realize that life will get in the way…my problem is I feel like I am never ready for it to get in the way…what is more important is that I am realizing that plans that are important to me and my ego are not as important as to what God has planned…which not going to lie..can be a bit of a bummer…we want to get our things done…it is easy for us to be “I” orientated…but when God brings things to us that He wants done…we say not now Lord…but we need to quit that and say, yes Lord.

I know that it can be tough but God wants us to be ready for Him…now I am still wanting to get some of these things done…I think God is wanting me to get better organized and prioritize my life…which as a creative brain thinker is going to stink…but I am starting to see the good side of it…I just struggle with that kind of thing cause I want to be loose and let things just flow…but I guess I can’t…RATS!!! This will be a fun exercise in how does someone who has never wanted to organize anything…organize something..just one thing…that will be the baby step…

I want to say yes Lord….He is the one who brought me the life I have…His grace is so powerful  in my life…and some of my friends who read these humble writings and knew me before He grabbed a hold of me…y’all know what I am talking about…So yes Lord…whatever You need…I am sorry if I whine a bit cause my ego is hurt and my life plans don’t seem to match up with Yours…but yes Lord I am here….time to get groovin’….

A Blog About Nothing…

OK…so anyway….I am sitting at what has become my favorite place in the house…on my back porch sipping some coffee…of course this is Aledo, TX and it is 10:12 am and the temp is already 90…but I have a ceiling fan and it feels like a nice cool 88…cause it is the shade…it has been a hot summer…but it was a cool summer last year so…we are now paying for it…so quit complaining it’s hot…don’t like it just move….anyway…this one today is not about the weather…I think it maybe a blog rule to not mention the weather…but I am not a big blogger so who is going to notice…

Today from my back porch I was thinking…what should I write about since it has been a bit…I could write about the struggles I continue to have with motivation to get to the gym…in fact one of my blogs got my good friend Rusty in trouble…cause I mentioned that I was renewed and going back to the gym…well I did…but I haven’t been back since…so Rusty got in trouble and well…my fault…next time we go on a road trip…I will buy him some beef jerky and all will be forgiven….anyway… I have to realize that you may not even care that I am human and struggling with my weight…and how I just need to work through my ineptness and just keep praying the God would get my butt in the gym…so that is no good…

I could write something about what is going on at Christ Chapel…my workplace…which by the way is a lot…we have a lot going on…and those of us behind the scenes are working our tails off and God is in all of it…and well since He is in all of it…it is going to work out…so why do we worker bees get worked up??  Cause we are human…and being human means we need to get worked up…the other reason to not write about CCBC??  Makes it feel like a commercial…and you didn’t come here for a commercial about a good church…not a perfect church as Ted likes to say…but a good church…so that subject is out…

I could become real political and write about the state of the country….ah….nope….too easy…next.

Let’s see….maybe I could tell you what God is doing in my life…it would be a long list…but…I would have to put in how I am getting in the way more than I should and how I should just stand back and let Him lead…but my human nature again is wanting Him to hurry up and get to the things that are important to me…not Him…plus…I am most likely the only person this happens too…so I guess all I can say is Father God…thanks for grace…again..

I know I could write how freaked out I am about having a Middle Schooler…how inept I feel at being a dad…especially when I see the teenager creeping into my 12 year old…and how I don’t have a clue how to do this…and how I am panicked about how I am going to do this and then add another one in 2 years….and how she is way too much like me and I am in big trouble…but again…I need to give that over to God…funny how it keeps coming back to Him…

Well…the coffee has run out…and it is feeling like the temp is around 90….and I used the word inept twice…and we are going to go to the museum and air conditioning…cause man…it’s hot…time to get groovin’…

PT God

So I started today’s blog over…I had something going…almost had it finished then chucked it all…why??  Well…cause after reading it I realized it was not all that great…not that this is will be any better…but it is amazing how God can take your attitude and change it in just a couple of hours.  The blog I had written was a bit depressing…mainly cause it was about how I woke up this morning mad at myself for gaining back a good portion of the weight I lost last year preparing for a role in a musical.  I decided after working on it I would walk away and come back…I do this when I want to email a negative email back to folks that have highly irritated me…I recommend this practice by the way cause after some time away you can reevaluate the situation and not react to it on the emotion side.

Anyway…so I was trying to understand why I had done this to myself…and my reasoning is because that is what I wanted to do…not a nice thing to realize you’re an idiot but it is what it is…I mentioned in the blog So There I Was how I had struggled with a mild depression earlier this year.  This depression really stunk but I have been seeing someone and working through some stuff and it is getting better.  I woke up this morning realizing that I had gained all this weight back and it was guess what…my fault.  I had tried to please so many folks by losing it and putting folks opinion of me first not realizing that in the process I was putting my God last.  So today I have decided to climb back in the gym and get back to going.

Why??  Because I am going to do it as an act of worship.  Yea I know it sounds a bit strange…working out as Worship but think about it if we are trying to be the best believers we can be then why shouldn’t we work at making ourselves better both Spiritually and physically.  Yesterday at Christ Chapel Ted talked about having Spiritual ADD  as part of his sermon on the highest priority a believer should the way it is really a good sermon here is a link in case you are interested…

In this sermon I realized I have the ADD that can be fatal…I have diet ADD…I can be going great and all is well…but I can get distracted by a cupcake quicker than anything…I know I am the only one who fights this fight but man when I was working out and eating right it felt good but not as good as that candy bar or candy bars can be.  So I am asking God to refocus my ADD on Him and bring me into the gym.  As the Video Manager at Christ Chapel I don’t really get a chance to Worship cause I am a bit busy during the service and I am OK with that cause I really love my job…but we all need some Worship God time…I am going to turn my Worship of God to gym time.

I am realize that I will make mistakes…why??  Cause I am still a sinner and human so I will have my moments when I eat something or things that aren’t the best for me…but that is OK…I will pick it back up…

See God can be our Personal Trainer in the Spirit and in the physical…why shouldn’t we as believers give Him the glory by being in good shape…will it take a while…yes…cause I have never done a quick diet that didn’t end in disaster and more pounds than when I started….will it be hard…yes cause I have been doing the wrong thing for a while…like since third grade…but I will continue to put God in charge…and then it will work out..cause He will be in charge…I have the tools…I know what to do…I will keep you updated….

Time to get groovin’

Keep Swimming….Keep Swimming….

So anyway…summer is here….and yea…for us all…we made it through another school year.

This has been a strange year for me since for the first time in about ten years…I was not going to classes.  Yep that is right…the old 41 year old guy actually didn’t have a degree up until this time last year when I graduated from UTA with a Broadcast Management degree.  Why??  Why did I take so long to get a degree in  something that I basically grew up doing??  Well I have told folks that I built a career instead of wasting time in school…when in seriousness…I didn’t think I could hack it.  My friends from my school days in Odessa who read this will know that school to me was like…uh…not the highest priority in my life. I’m not even sure it would have made the top ten..  I just was not the school type….Class comedian yes…class scholar no way not even on my best day….

I had tried after high school to give it the old college try…there was a brief attempt to do college the right way by leaving the house and going off to what was at the time WTSU.  I had a music scholarship…and had a great room mate…it was AWESOME..I had the time of my life…and my 1.7 GPA showed it….oh by the way that scholarship…I had to have a 2.0 to keep it…so I bailed and said I will get back to it…started working at a TV station and here we go…started junior college the next fall….got fired from said job…so I bailed on school again when I got an offer to move back to Odessa and take a Commercial producer position at a TV station came up…said OK next time I will do it…oh my poor mother…I probably took a few years off of her life doing this mess….oh by the way…I quit the TV job to be a DJ in a bar…brilliant move…school wasn’t even in the plans then…I finally moved to the DFW area chasing after the woman who would eventually become my bride….we married a month after she got her degree in accounting…so…at least somebody did it in a timely fashion….

So what finally got me back??? What was the thing that pushed me over to start back and get serious??  I wanted to show I could do it…to myself…I had to…I am not real good at finishing stuff once I begin a project…I mean I started to build a french drain at my house one spring…two years later…I finally filled in the HUGE ditch in my front lawn….nice bit a work that was…so I had to actually make a go to prove to myself I could start something and finish.

How did I do it??  I don’t really know…I was freelancing when I started back the final time…then took a staff job at Fox Sports Net….and finally finished up last May after I was working at Christ Chapel…so there were times when I was working 50-60 hrs a week and going to school during the day…so it really is all a blur…I just did it….kept me head down and like Dory in Finding Nemo says…”keep swimming…keep swimming…keep swimming”

I am not going to lie…it was hard to get back into the swing of things…my brain didn’t play nice at first when I started telling it to take in the info and spit it out again…it reminded me it was not good at it…but I worked through it…I made it through all the basics…even taking four semesters of Spanish…of course there was the tough class…math…I say math…cause I tried several versions and none of them where great…I lost count how many attempts there were at a math class..Algebra…at least 4 times…I tried a class called fundamentals of math…thinking this will be great just a little overview whew finally……nope it included Algebra…Trig…Geometry…all of those words are four letter words in my book…but I made it finally…and then crossing the stage was very cool…..

So why am I telling you all this???  In the words of Tevye when he says, “why do we do this….I will tell you….I don’t know…..”

No I guess I want to put out there that if you just graduated from high school and you aren’t quite sure where you are heading….or if you are a mom and dad and your child is flailing a bit in life at college…or if you are one of the older folks out there and you think I can’t do the college thing…..

Look kiddo you  can make it even if you don’t make it the first go around…or the second…or the sixth or seventh…you will make it….

Mom and dad….they will make it…just give them some room and let them breathe a bit…they will finally grow…and get it….then they will thank you for your patience….

Also you can get back in the classroom…even if it has been 10…20…30…years since you have been there…you can make it…yes it will be a bit harder for you cause those cobwebs make things sketchy at best…but keep at will be worth the time and struggles….it will be a great feeling walking that stage and getting that empty folder that will one day hold the big piece of paper you get in the mail later…..

You just keep at it…”keep swimming…keep swimming…keep swimming”

Well time to get groovin’…

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