First Day…

So today here in Texas is the first day of public school.  Still don’t think it is right to start school before Labor Day but that is another blog topic…

Today Thing 1 starts Middle School and Thing 2 starts 5th grade.  I can’t believe I got this old this fast.

One of my favorite movies is “Hook”, yea I know it is sappy and Julia Roberts makes a bad Tinkerbell..but I will watch it anytime it is on and so will Thing 1 & Thing 2.  We love it.   The part when the lost boys see what they are being told is Peter Pan grown up.  They don’t believe the man in front of them is the boy who lead them to victories over the Indians and several battles with Captain Hook.  Tink is trying to tell them the situation and she sys “look Hook has his kids we need to help him.”  Then my favorite line comes when one of the lost boys has the look of disbelief and says, “Peter Pan’s gots kids?”

I love that line cause that is how I feel sometime..”how did I get old and have kids?”  Plus now how did they get old and get to this pont in their life when one is on the brink of teenage and the other one is 10.  I know several of my friends from High School have older ones so they are rolling their eyes right now most likely thinking…”oh to be back at that point of time….when they kids still listened…” I know I am being the usual goofball, but this is hard for me.  Cause I see my son heading off to what is usually the hardest time of the school life and think “can I keep him engaged enough so that I know most of what is going on in his life?” I say most cause my parents knew most of what was going on but not all..I know that sounds cocky cause parents like to think they know everything…but I don’t think we can know what is going on fully…and we need to prepare our kids for the fist days when they are confronted with the struggles that come with being and knucklehead teenager.

It becomes overwhelming on days like today…did I do enough to launch them into another phase in their life?  I think so??  The good news is that both my kids have given their hearts to Christ so at least I have HIM when I will fail them…cause being human…I will. All I keep reminding them is that no matter what they screw up on…Christ has already forgiven them….they may still get grounded from their earthly father but not from their heavenly Father.  He doesn’t even remember the screw up.  Thank goodness…cause I had some pretty big screw ups when I was their age….and I still have some pretty big screw ups today at 41.

So what was is your favorite memory of your first day of school??  Leave a comment and let me know….

Well time to get groovin’…..


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