PT God

So I started today’s blog over…I had something going…almost had it finished then chucked it all…why??  Well…cause after reading it I realized it was not all that great…not that this is will be any better…but it is amazing how God can take your attitude and change it in just a couple of hours.  The blog I had written was a bit depressing…mainly cause it was about how I woke up this morning mad at myself for gaining back a good portion of the weight I lost last year preparing for a role in a musical.  I decided after working on it I would walk away and come back…I do this when I want to email a negative email back to folks that have highly irritated me…I recommend this practice by the way cause after some time away you can reevaluate the situation and not react to it on the emotion side.

Anyway…so I was trying to understand why I had done this to myself…and my reasoning is because that is what I wanted to do…not a nice thing to realize you’re an idiot but it is what it is…I mentioned in the blog So There I Was how I had struggled with a mild depression earlier this year.  This depression really stunk but I have been seeing someone and working through some stuff and it is getting better.  I woke up this morning realizing that I had gained all this weight back and it was guess what…my fault.  I had tried to please so many folks by losing it and putting folks opinion of me first not realizing that in the process I was putting my God last.  So today I have decided to climb back in the gym and get back to going.

Why??  Because I am going to do it as an act of worship.  Yea I know it sounds a bit strange…working out as Worship but think about it if we are trying to be the best believers we can be then why shouldn’t we work at making ourselves better both Spiritually and physically.  Yesterday at Christ Chapel Ted talked about having Spiritual ADD  as part of his sermon on the highest priority a believer should the way it is really a good sermon here is a link in case you are interested…

In this sermon I realized I have the ADD that can be fatal…I have diet ADD…I can be going great and all is well…but I can get distracted by a cupcake quicker than anything…I know I am the only one who fights this fight but man when I was working out and eating right it felt good but not as good as that candy bar or candy bars can be.  So I am asking God to refocus my ADD on Him and bring me into the gym.  As the Video Manager at Christ Chapel I don’t really get a chance to Worship cause I am a bit busy during the service and I am OK with that cause I really love my job…but we all need some Worship God time…I am going to turn my Worship of God to gym time.

I am realize that I will make mistakes…why??  Cause I am still a sinner and human so I will have my moments when I eat something or things that aren’t the best for me…but that is OK…I will pick it back up…

See God can be our Personal Trainer in the Spirit and in the physical…why shouldn’t we as believers give Him the glory by being in good shape…will it take a while…yes…cause I have never done a quick diet that didn’t end in disaster and more pounds than when I started….will it be hard…yes cause I have been doing the wrong thing for a while…like since third grade…but I will continue to put God in charge…and then it will work out..cause He will be in charge…I have the tools…I know what to do…I will keep you updated….

Time to get groovin’


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