Keep Swimming….Keep Swimming….

So anyway…summer is here….and yea…for us all…we made it through another school year.

This has been a strange year for me since for the first time in about ten years…I was not going to classes.  Yep that is right…the old 41 year old guy actually didn’t have a degree up until this time last year when I graduated from UTA with a Broadcast Management degree.  Why??  Why did I take so long to get a degree in  something that I basically grew up doing??  Well I have told folks that I built a career instead of wasting time in school…when in seriousness…I didn’t think I could hack it.  My friends from my school days in Odessa who read this will know that school to me was like…uh…not the highest priority in my life. I’m not even sure it would have made the top ten..  I just was not the school type….Class comedian yes…class scholar no way not even on my best day….

I had tried after high school to give it the old college try…there was a brief attempt to do college the right way by leaving the house and going off to what was at the time WTSU.  I had a music scholarship…and had a great room mate…it was AWESOME..I had the time of my life…and my 1.7 GPA showed it….oh by the way that scholarship…I had to have a 2.0 to keep it…so I bailed and said I will get back to it…started working at a TV station and here we go…started junior college the next fall….got fired from said job…so I bailed on school again when I got an offer to move back to Odessa and take a Commercial producer position at a TV station came up…said OK next time I will do it…oh my poor mother…I probably took a few years off of her life doing this mess….oh by the way…I quit the TV job to be a DJ in a bar…brilliant move…school wasn’t even in the plans then…I finally moved to the DFW area chasing after the woman who would eventually become my bride….we married a month after she got her degree in accounting…so…at least somebody did it in a timely fashion….

So what finally got me back??? What was the thing that pushed me over to start back and get serious??  I wanted to show I could do it…to myself…I had to…I am not real good at finishing stuff once I begin a project…I mean I started to build a french drain at my house one spring…two years later…I finally filled in the HUGE ditch in my front lawn….nice bit a work that was…so I had to actually make a go to prove to myself I could start something and finish.

How did I do it??  I don’t really know…I was freelancing when I started back the final time…then took a staff job at Fox Sports Net….and finally finished up last May after I was working at Christ Chapel…so there were times when I was working 50-60 hrs a week and going to school during the day…so it really is all a blur…I just did it….kept me head down and like Dory in Finding Nemo says…”keep swimming…keep swimming…keep swimming”

I am not going to lie…it was hard to get back into the swing of things…my brain didn’t play nice at first when I started telling it to take in the info and spit it out again…it reminded me it was not good at it…but I worked through it…I made it through all the basics…even taking four semesters of Spanish…of course there was the tough class…math…I say math…cause I tried several versions and none of them where great…I lost count how many attempts there were at a math class..Algebra…at least 4 times…I tried a class called fundamentals of math…thinking this will be great just a little overview whew finally……nope it included Algebra…Trig…Geometry…all of those words are four letter words in my book…but I made it finally…and then crossing the stage was very cool…..

So why am I telling you all this???  In the words of Tevye when he says, “why do we do this….I will tell you….I don’t know…..”

No I guess I want to put out there that if you just graduated from high school and you aren’t quite sure where you are heading….or if you are a mom and dad and your child is flailing a bit in life at college…or if you are one of the older folks out there and you think I can’t do the college thing…..

Look kiddo you  can make it even if you don’t make it the first go around…or the second…or the sixth or seventh…you will make it….

Mom and dad….they will make it…just give them some room and let them breathe a bit…they will finally grow…and get it….then they will thank you for your patience….

Also you can get back in the classroom…even if it has been 10…20…30…years since you have been there…you can make it…yes it will be a bit harder for you cause those cobwebs make things sketchy at best…but keep at will be worth the time and struggles….it will be a great feeling walking that stage and getting that empty folder that will one day hold the big piece of paper you get in the mail later…..

You just keep at it…”keep swimming…keep swimming…keep swimming”

Well time to get groovin’…


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