Seriously…Texas..Two Step Up…

OK so I love my state. TEXAS!  I have lived here all my life, got a decent education….might have gotten a better one if I cared enough to get one…but that is another blog topic..

The problem I am having is why in the year 2010 is Texas still struggling with how to fund education?  I know this can be a hot topic that can kill a conversation but seriously…I know the Democrats blame the Republicans and the vice versa…but come on man…I think at this stage in the game it is a collective fault.  Dems had their chance to reform when they had power and Reps have had their chance to do it recently…I will admit the Reps have a a bit longer and for the past several years up until the last session when Reps finally got rid of the power hungry Tom Craddick…they should have had it done….well enough is enough…the time is now…

Sounds good doesn’t it?  Well  odds are nothing will happen….cause we will most likely elect Gov. Good Hair again…and we will send mostly the same folks back to the state house…and they will debate…..and debate…..and debate…meanwhile teachers quit cause not enough money to survive in some areas….schools will get rid of teachers…cause not enough money…oh by the way…Teachers Union…you have a hand in this too…so don’t act too high above the fray….we all have a hand in it cause we keep sending the same people back and they keep saying the right things and doing nothing…

Why can’t someone…just decide you know what…seriously…let’s fix this problem once and for all…quit dancing around the May pole and acting like what we are fine…we are just fine…all is well….guess what folks…it’s is not well…and the main fallout is the fact that our kids get to pay the price….pay the price for folks not wanting to step on a few toes and make someone possibly mad…so they won’t get the vote next time….here is a thought…do it anyway….you had a job before you got elected…you will get one…most likely a better job cause you can add Rep or Sen to your resume…but think of the good you will have done…do it for Texas…I know that is a strange concept to you folks in Austin cause what good could come from actually helping Texas..but give it a try…and fix this mess…after the election roll the sleeves up and do it…we Texans can handle it..that is what made our state the state it is…folks willing to stand up for each other and do the right thing no matter what it takes…that includes you too Gov. Perry…I mean since you will make an attempt to run for the bigger office in two years…why not have that feather in your hair???

Look I know I offer no fix…so don’t say…you are stating the obvious….yea I know that…but it has been the obvious for a long time…and no one has two stepped up with any kind of solution…I am looking for someone to actually do what they say they are going to do and fix the problem…besides I got my education in Texas so it is not like I am good with numbers….well time to get groovin’


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