Here We Go…Oh And Some Ground Rules…

So….here it is…a blog…yea…I know I am a bit behind but at least it is there…oh by the way all you English folks….I type like I think which means I have a lot of these”…” so please don’t give me any grief I know it is not right and I know it seems like a a LONG run on sentence but really this is my blog and I shall write the way I like….I don’t know how often I will write something but I will try at least once a week. So if you gentle reader can handle that then coolio..
I don’t have any agenda right now but will reserve the right to change that…I also am Christian and God is a big part of my life so He will be involved in some writings…I am not a beat you over the head with my Bible and Cross but it is a part of my life and He is working on me daily so I can only assume that some of that stuff will come out….and if that bugs you…well…you might find something else to read…I don’t have those big answers to the big questions but I do like discussions so you can comment if you wish but can we keep the name calling and childish ones to a minimum…I mean seriously…we are grown ups….
So now what?? I guess the best thing is to give you some insight about me…but… that seems boring…so Cliff Notes: Born & raised in Midland/Odessa TX area…yes I went to the Friday Night Lights school Odessa Permian…no I did not play football…sometimes wish I had but never really got excited about it…played string bass in the orchestra and had a blast during my musical life….worked at a TV station from age 13 till I graduated High School so my career kinda got started early…tried college…was not a good attempt…personal life got a little crazy and felt a bit lost for a while…started dating future wife…she moved to DFW area…I followed…we were married in 1992…life settled down and God entered my life in 1993…career as a freelance cameraman took off and got to travel the world doing sporting events…had boy in 1998…got tired of the road and took a staff job with Fox Sports Net in 2000 the same year as my daughter was born….left FSN in 2006 to become the Video Manager at my church Christ Chapel Bible Church….man I am spent…
OK that is it for now…I most likely will fill in the gaps as time goes by but for now….time to get groovin’…..


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